How It Works

Launch Your Private GP Service as a FastTrack Partner, powered by the FastTrack Practice Suite

Are you considering launching a Private GP service, but don't know where to start?

FastTrack GP, and let us take care of the administration involved in setting up and operating a private GP practice. We'll do the heavy lifting, including managing your CQC registration, and we'll empower you to focus on delivering excellent patient care.

Working As a Private GP

With careers in NHS primary care increasingly unpalatable, many General Practitioners are looking at Private General Practice as an alternative career pathway.

Private practice offers clinicians greater levels of flexibility and the promise of more autonomy in how and what care they deliver.  

However, taking the leap and opening a private practice can be daunting. In addition to many of the challenges of running an NHS practice, private practice owners also need to deal with a different financial model and operate without many of the support structures that NHS GP Partners take for granted.

FastTrack Partnership and the FastTrack Practice Suite

FastTrack GP was created out of a recognition that there were many GPs interested in delivering private services, but few who knew how to go about doing so.

Many of the Private GPs that did (and still do) exist in the private general practice market were operating in a way that we felt did the industry a discredit - whether that be not following NICE guidelines in the services offered or not attempting to work closely with their NHS counterparts.

With these points in mind, and in collaboration with a number of experts from across the industry, the FastTrack GP Partnership model was launched. This was based on an initial vision to empower a new generation of private GPs with the tools needed to operate a best-in-class private GP service, and thereby break down barriers to entering the sector.

What You'll Get

We're experts in delivering high-class private GP services. As a FastTrack Partner you'll be equipped with the FastTrack Practice Suite - everything you need to build and operate a successful private GP service.

What You'll Need

As a starting point, you'll need a to be fully qualified GP with good clinical experience. You'll need to make a financial commitment for at least 12 months and you'll need to demonstrate that you have what is takes to build a practice from the ground up. You'll also need to source and pay for a premises - although we can help you with this.