FastTrack GP is committed to providing comprehensive support to our franchisees, and one area where we can assist them is in legal matters.

We understand that navigating the legal landscape can be daunting, especially for GPs transitioning into private practice. To alleviate this burden, we offer valuable legal support to our franchisees, ensuring they have access to the necessary tools and resources to protect their practice and comply with relevant regulations.

Our franchisees can benefit from our expertise in legal matters related to data processing and terms and conditions. We provide template agreements for data processing that can be customized to suit the specific needs of each franchisee's practice. These agreements help ensure compliance with data protection laws, safeguard patient privacy, and establish clear guidelines for the handling and processing of sensitive information.

Additionally, we offer template terms and conditions that cover various aspects of running a private GP practice. These comprehensive documents outline the rights and responsibilities of both the practice and its patients, providing a solid legal foundation for the delivery of healthcare services. Our franchisees can utilize these templates as a starting point and tailor them to their specific practice requirements, saving time and resources associated with drafting legal documents from scratch.

By offering legal support and providing template agreements for data processing and terms and conditions, FastTrack GP aims to empower our franchisees with the tools they need to navigate legal requirements effectively. We strive to ensure that our franchisees can focus on delivering exceptional patient care and growing their private GP practices, knowing that they have a trusted partner by their side, ready to support them in legal matters.

What You'll Get

We're experts in delivering high-class private GP services. As a FastTrack Partner you'll be equipped with the FastTrack Practice Suite - everything you need to build and operate a successful private GP service.

What You'll Need

As a starting point, you'll need a to be fully qualified GP with good clinical experience. You'll need to make a financial commitment for at least 12 months and you'll need to demonstrate that you have what is takes to build a practice from the ground up. You'll also need to source and pay for a premises - although we can help you with this.