As your practice scales, so too does the administrative burden that comes with running any practice. Becoming a FastTrack GP ensures you are well setup for growth.

On any given day, your administrative burden might include:

  • New patient enquiries
  • Payment disputes
  • Appointment management
  • Historic clinical requests e.g., Vaccination records
  • NHS GPs with follow-ups
  • Consultant letters

We've often encountered practices where for every £100K of new consulting income, the practice requires a new administrator to handle the additional workload. This undermines economies of scale, and creates risk for you as a business director - with each staff member requiring management and support.

It is important to set yourself up with the best processes and systems on day 1, so as to ensure that as your practice grows, you aren't also required to scale-up your administrative team.

As a FastTrack GP Franchisee, we'll equip you with the tools you need to run administration for a fully scaled private GP service from Day 1.

We're also on hand to support you and your administration team with tactics and strategies to mitigate against workload building up - ensuring that your team's existence is optimised, and that your cost base is contained.

What You'll Get

We're experts in delivering high-class private GP services. As a FastTrack Partner you'll be equipped with the FastTrack Practice Suite - everything you need to build and operate a successful private GP service.

What You'll Need

As a starting point, you'll need a to be fully qualified GP with good clinical experience. You'll need to make a financial commitment for at least 12 months and you'll need to demonstrate that you have what is takes to build a practice from the ground up. You'll also need to source and pay for a premises - although we can help you with this.